I wondered the same thing. China as a nation are spectacularly laughable liars and propagandists, and although I do believe that they've done this, their long track record of solid-brass bullshit will always be in the back of my mind. Anyone taking China's statements at face value is an outstanding idiot, imo. » 12/15/13 12:57am 12/15/13 12:57am

Bollocks. And by that, I mean that I only twist off bottlecaps using my scrotal skin. It gets me in trouble in some bars, but in others it gets me free drinks, and the chicks dig the scars from the caps that were apparently welded on. If I had a foreskin, I'd use that instead due to its circular symmetry. Using one's… » 12/15/13 12:10am 12/15/13 12:10am

If I'm a Dreamliner pilot, I most definitely do not want to be landing with a 60kph tailwind when I could be doing it into a headwind. Just sayin'. » 12/14/13 10:31pm 12/14/13 10:31pm

The geologic department of every developed nation would know with seconds if there were a torpedoing in frequented waters. It has a pretty distinctive sound, after all, and any explosion causes some geologic impact. » 10/30/13 7:19pm 10/30/13 7:19pm